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An alleged EA Play banner shows the Battlefield V logo

More hints about the name of the new installment of the EA action saga and DICE.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Electronic Arts will present the new Battlefield in the EA Play 2018. Now, an alleged leaked banner displays the official logo of this hypothetical Battlefield V.

Obviously, the image has not been provided by the entertainment software giant but coincides with other information advanced days ago when Battlefield V began to sound strong as the name of the game of 2018. In these signs, the Second World War was spoken of as a chosen setting.

It seems that we should not wait for E3 to know the first details of the multiplayer shooter. In fact days ago DICE anticipated the announcement of Battlefield 2018 by letting one of its creatives glimpse how it is working in a trailer for the game.

EA Play 2018 will be held in Los Angeles from June 9 to 11.

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