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A Way Out lasts between 6 and 8 hours

The video game of Josef Fares and Hazelight has had almost four times more staff than Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

To Josef Fares the connoisseurs of the indie market have it already very much in mind after their brutal work in the wonderful Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Now Fares commands the development of A Way Out, one of the most suggestive games of the early stages of 2018 that we now know will last between 6 and 8 hours and a release that the main person in charge devised after canceling the filming of his film.

He does it with Hazelight, a studio that started the development of the game with a staff of just over 10 people, but that has finished production with around 40. That is almost four times more than the staff with Fares for Brothers, the last project that it developed and that was appearing in different platforms until it was released in 2015 in new generation mobile phones and consoles.

All this information is offered by Josef Fares himself in an interview with the North American portal Gamespot in which he plays the first minutes of the program. There he also reveals that the script of A Way Out has been written by him alone, although he had the figure of an expert to supervise his coherence and rhythm.

The creator also declared that he would never make a video game with microtransactions. And, on the other hand, clarified that, at this time, the only idea of the study is to launch the game on March 23 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One discarding, for now, a version of Nintendo Switch.

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