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A secret of NieR: Automata remains undiscovered

The development team assured that it is something unpleasant

A few days ago NieR: Automata celebrated its first anniversary and to commemorate the date, some members of the development team met with Famitsu to tell some anecdotes and talk about important facts. However, the conversation included a revelation that could make all players return to the title as it was assured that there is a secret.

During the conversation of members of the development team of NieR: Automata with Famitsu, among them Yoko Taro, Takahisa Taura and Yosuke Saito, the creators highlighted the great year the game has had in terms of sales, as they consider that they responded responsibly to the creative freedom that was given to them. In that sense, revealed that they were surprised with the 2 million units sold that the game has reached because the initial goal was 1 million.

Subsequently, the creatives revealed that there is a trick to manipulate the distance of the camera, which is achieved by pressing R3 in the control and moving the directional pad and although this generates a bug, the team felt it would be interesting to keep it in the game.

After that revelation came to the surprise as the development team of NieR: Automata mentioned that there is a secret that has not been discovered and they referred to it as "that". According to the creatives, "that" is something unpleasant that could not be presented publicly but, due to different circumstances, remained in the final version of the game. After saying this, the group opted not to talk about the matter anymore, because, according to their position and given that they know what it is about, it would be inappropriate.

What will be the secret that awaits in NieR: Automata?

NieR: Automata is available on PS4 and PC.


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