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A musical game from the BlazBlue series will come to Switch

Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san will debut this month in the eShop

Arc System Works revealed today that its musical title Eat Beat: Dead Spike-san is on its way to Nintendo Switch. In case you do not know, this delivery came to iOS and Android devices in 2015. The game is based on the BlazBlue series of fights.

The best of all is that Eat Beat Dead Spike-san will not be an exclusive title of Japan, it will have a worldwide release on the Nintendo console. At the moment, Arc System Works has only confirmed its arrival to Switch.

Eat Beat Dead Spike-san will arrive at the console eShop next March 22. It can be yours in exchange for only $ 6.99 USD. Apparently, the game will only be available in digital format. You will have to test your pace using the L and R buttons on the console.

As you can see in the trailer below, you will have to consume different dishes to fill the Overdrive bar, which will give you bonus points. Also, you can make chains to have higher marks. You can play as Ragna, Hazama, and Carl. Without more, I leave the trailer for the game:

Eat Beat Dead Spike-san will have a total of 20 songs, some will be the themes of some characters in the series, such as Taokaka, Noel, Tsubaki, Platinum, Mai, Kokonoe, among others. Also, its soundtrack will include the opening of BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

This title will not be the only one in the series to reach Switch, as BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will also arrive at the Nintendo console. It is a crossover fighting game that will bring characters from the Person, BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY franchises.

At the moment, there are no details on whether Eat Beat Dead Spike-san will debut on more platforms, so we'll have to wait for more information. Meanwhile,

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