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Reveal improvements for the Indivisible combat system

Lab Zero Games presented the changes of its action RPG

Once the fundraising campaign of the Lab Zero Games, Indivisible action RPG came to an end, the studio went to work to polish every aspect that required it and move forward with the development. That is why, to give certainty to those who support the game, an informative video was presented with the changes and improvements that have been implemented.

Lab Zero Games presented a new video on the status of Indivisible, RPG that is in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Initially, the study revealed that only some enemies will be able to block the attacks, but these will be detected when they are focused, an action that will cause them to manifest their defense before the battle. As the enemy reveals his defense, a superior attack and a lower attack at the same time will be enough to break it. Another feature of the battle system is the charge of the attack, which, to impact the enemy, will give you some rewards that can be used in combat.

On the other hand, the system of focus in the battles of Indivisible will stop the time while you select the enemy that you want to attack, also, once the attack and the target are decided, the time will follow its course but slowly, opening the possibility of making changes before the impact. Also, Lab Zero Games reported that enemies will vary the target of their attacks and not concentrate on a single character.

Finally, the video revealed that Indivisible characters will now be able to move on irregular terrain during the battle.

It is expected that Indivisible debuts before the end of the year.


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