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5 Video games that could have a Battle Royale mode

Now everyone wants to look like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but ... What are the video games that would be easier?

The shadow of PlayerUnknown's Battleground is long, and now it seems that everyone wants to have their own Battle Royale formula. Fortnite is working really well with that added mode, and other games like Dying Light will incorporate it in the future. The phenomenon is easy to understand, that type of competitive experience is very funny, but ... What other games could be added to fashion?

Battlefield 1

DICE has one of the franchises with more possibilities to create an alternative type Battle Royale, we speak of course of the Battlefield saga. With its support for large numbers of users and the idiosyncrasies of the map, the design would be a perfect fit to emulate the style of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. If that were not enough, and doing an exercise and tatting, that could go well even with Battlefront 2 ... Although ruffling a little curl to accommodate their heroes, ships, and others.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

A shooter set in a South American jungle and in which the characters are armed to the teeth, have vehicles ... and even have parachutes! Wildlands, the new Ghost Recon, seems tailor-made to be a great Battle Royale; and the only problem could be to support such a large number of players. But, for the rest, betting on introducing a pattern similar to that of PUBG would be an absolute triumph.


The game of Rockstar is one of the clearest candidates to become a great Battle Royale, and in fact, has a similar modality called Motor Wars. Why would something more specific triumph? His gigantic map, his number of simultaneous players and his car fan care would make it work like a Swiss watch in that type of formula. The bad? The only thing he would not fit in with would be the fact that he barely has closed spaces to cover himself.

The Division

Ubisoft has in The Division one of the video games with more possibilities of the multiplayer shooter genre to build a formula with these characteristics. The Dark Zone, in fact, already has some key parts, such as looking for equipment and survive until the escape, but if we join all that the frenzy of a Battle Royale and join it with the mixture of open and closed giant spaces of this title we have a winning formula.

State of Decay

It is true that it is somewhat late for State of Decay in terms of incorporating modalities, but it is also true that it could be something that would encourage Undead Labs to launch this type of modality for its second part. The fact is that if we remember the first part and reimagine it enhanced by the four sides as the sequel, we could have the perfect backdrop to achieve it. Large spaces, houses were to entrench, the creation of traps, Fortnite construction ...

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