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5 changes that we would like to see in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Treyarch returns to his favorite saga and prepares another futuristic Call of Duty.

At the Treyarch offices, they must have thought the following: "Yes, Call of Duty: WWII has been very good and has sold a lot, but we have sold it". That is why, despite the fact that the general current of the fans showed a certain fatigue with modern and futuristic deliveries, they have announced a Black Ops 4 that continues the favorite subseries of the studio within the Call of Duty saga. And is that the Black Ops have had a lot of pull always among the fans. Now we know the name and launch date of the new COD that we will see this year and, remembering where we came from and where we would like to go, we present the five things we would like to see in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Heroes that we create

Asking for a good story is very easy, it sure is one of the first things that came to mind. Well yes, we ask for a good story. There have been efforts in this regard lately, but sometimes they have gone too far in terms of overexposure ( Black Ops 3, we do not look at anyone) and others have had a good argument but have been very conventional in the playable (WWII, this is for you). The narrative has to be important, yes, but in the end, it is even more relevant that there are heroes that we create by leading it. In this sense, the last Call of Duty WW2 He did it well, with a good squad of characters that we believed. Some a little clich├ęs, but all three-dimensional, with their problems, their strengths and also their weaknesses. Do you remember the protagonists of some Black Ops? How was your personality? What were their names? Something had, for example, Soap MacTavish so that still today is in the head of many. Yes, we insist, we want a good narrative that helps us to spend entertained and knowing what will happen for the duration of the campaign. But, even more, what we want are great heroes that are credible.

Change "The COD Truquitos"

Call of Duty began as something spectacular because it used a series of elements that turned it into small interactive war movies, and it was not by chance that it reproduced almost legendary scenes from feature films such as Enemigo a las Puertas, to give an example. However, 15 years have passed since the first part, and we have continued to watch since then moments like the slow cameras in the style of saving the soldier Ryan or the irruptions since they were introduced in the, otherwise, bright Modern Warfare. Come Treyarch! Surprise us! You have a good base, shoot on a COD has always been fun and, within that is an arcade without complications, also very accurate and accurate. Use that and try other things! We needless QuickTime Events, less slow cameras with plugged ears, fewer waves of enemies in the style of "duck shooting" and fewer explosives indoors. What we really need are more new things. I wish Call of Duty Black Ops 4 supposes the entrance of new "springs and tricks" in the formula Call of Duty, they are needed as eating.

Rupture in Competitive Modes

It is true that in the end, the PvP is the part in which, probably, less can afford to experience Treyarch, and it ends up being the one that lower "revolutions" allows the most conservative fan (mainly the one who does not touch the story mode). However, the study has already done some interesting things in the past with some of the concepts that seemed irremovable from the competitive formula of the saga. The introduction of the double jump and some incredible features of the exoskeleton were presented by Sledgehammer with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare; however, they went a step further in the framework of Black Ops III thanks to how well they fit with the figures of the Specialists. Unfortunately, the rest of episodes have not opted for these charismatic characters and with such incredible powers, but if their presence is recovered and takes a step further we will find something big and that, finally, is a breakthrough in the conservative formula of the COD.

Take a Step Beyond the Cooperative

One of the big points of Call of Duty: Black Ops III was to have a cooperative appeal for up to four users. Something to which the later deliveries of the series like COD: Infinite Warfare or Call of Duty WWII were renounced, but that showed us once again how much Treyarch cares about the online experience. Everything was managed from a lobby as if it were a competitive standard, but it allowed our friends to join or freely enter our game while we enjoyed the story. Until then everything was fine, but we were left with the thorn that he had not gotten all the party we expected. Most situations did not exploit the game accompanied and did not encourage either to use different tactics. For Black Ops IV (or should I say IIII?) We hope not only to repeat the cooperative but also to be able to create strategies with our friends, to live in shocking situations where we feel that each one does different things and, ultimately, always useful.

Graphic Motor Change ... Please!

Yes, it is true that is just the graphics engine of the Call of Duty has evolved so much that it is unrecognizable compared to what was seen years ago at the beginning of the saga ... It would only be missing! But there is certain dead ends that we can not leave until all the elements on which we work in a new visual engine and that allow more benefits are transferred. It is the year 2018 and there are monstrous computers and a very respectable power consoles like PS4 Pro and, particularly, an Xbox One X that has in its circuits a real beast. The COD is video games of reference for their commercial success, we deserve something shocking!

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