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Games News - They launch teasers of Broly and Bardock in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Check the intros of each character

A few moments ago we showed you the first images of Broly and Bardock in Dragon Ball FighterZ . Now, Bandai Namco put a couple of teasers of these characters online.

Last weekend we learned that Broly and Bardock will be the first DLC characters to arrive at Dragon Ball FighterZ . These advances still do not show gameplay of fighters, however, we can see the introductions they will have in the game.

On Twitter, Bandai Namco mentioned that Broly and Bardock will be part of the first Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC and called on fans to be aware of the details and the debut date.

Thanks to the magazine V-Jump we know that Broly will have a Meteor Attack that will allow him to launch a ball of energy that consumes 3 bars of Ki. However, we still do not know if their movements will be heavier compared to the rest of the characters.

For his part, Bardock, Goku's father, will have a Meteor Attack called Revenge Assautl that will allow him to transform into the legendary Super Saiyan to launch a powerful attack against his opponent.

Broly and Bardock are part of the FighterZ Pass that costs $ 35 USD, a package that will add 8 characters. The rest remain in mystery, but a rumor suggests that Dragon Ball FighterZ will also feature the participation of Janemba, Kefla, Toppo, Jiren, the children's version of Goku and Fuu of Dragon Ball Xenoverse .

Dragon Ball FighterZ sold 2 million copies during its first days of release. However, the game lost 80% of the base of players in Steam , but that does not mean that the popularity of the title is falling, since it will be part of EVO 2018 .

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