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Sports-USA Hockey Draws Favorable Matchup Against Slovakia In Winter Olympics Qualification Round

On the off chance that you haven't given careful consideration to the men's Olympic hockey competition up until this point, don't stress — there's still time. 

Between the unbalanced booking of the diversions from South Korea and the way that Team USA's breakout star in this competition so far is Harvard junior Ryan Donato rather than a NHL expert sharpshooter like Patrick Kane or T.J. Oshie, the current year's occasion has been low on the buildup meter. 

With the three-diversion preparatory round now complete, Team USA positioned seventh out of 12 groups with a 1-0-1-1 record. However, the principal period of the Olympic competition just serves to decide seeding for the knockout rounds — no groups have been wiped out yet. 

On Tuesday in South Korea (Monday night in North America), the U.S. group will play a solitary capability diversion for an opportunity to proceed onward to the quarterfinal. Regardless of a so-so execution up until this point, the Americans have drawn a conquerable rival and will get an opportunity to utilize what they've realized in the competition to endeavor to proceed with their journey for their first award in men's hockey since winning silver in Vancouver in 2010. 

Universal hockey utilizes an adjusted framework that honors an aggregate of three focuses in each diversion: three for a control win, two for an additional time or shootout win, one for an extra time or shootout misfortune and zero for a direction misfortune. 

Here are the men's Olympic hockey rankings after three-amusement preparatory round.

Sweden (Group C): 3-0-0-0; 9 points
Czech Republic (Group A): 2-1-0-0; 8 points
Canada (Group A): 2-0-1-0; 7 points
Olympic Athletes from Russia (Group B): 2-0-0-1; 6 points (goal differential: +9)
Finland (Group C): 2-0-0-1; 6 points (goal differential: +5)
Slovenia (Group B): 0-2-0-1; 4 points
USA (Group B): 1-0-1-1; 4 points
Slovakia (Group B): 1-0-1-1; 4 points
Switzerland (Group A): 1-0-0-2; 3 points
Germany (Group C): 1-0-1-0; 2 points
Norway (Group C): 0-0-1-2, 1 point
South Korea (Group A): 0-0-0-3, 0 points

In the event of ties, the principal sudden death round for groups in a similar gathering is position inside that gathering. This year, that breaks the three-route stop in Group B, where Slovenia, the U.S. what's more, Slovakia all completed with four focuses. Slovenia closes up second in the gathering because of an extra time prevail upon the U.S. also, a shootout prevail upon Slovakia, then the U.S. completes third on account of its direction prevail upon Slovakia. The Slovaks rank fourth. 

For groups in various gatherings that complete with a similar number of focuses, the primary sudden death round is objective differential. U.S. mentor Tony Granato blew a gasket since he felt the Olympic Athletes from Russia were running up the score in their 4-0 prevail upon the U.S. to finish off the preparatory round, however the Russians were really making a key move.

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