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Sports - Tokyo wants to turn its 2020 Olympic Games into a unique experience

In 2020, the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo (a city that already hosted an Olympiad 50 years ago) and the Japanese capital aims to impress us.

The smart city is already working to offer the world a huge technological coverage of the 2020 Olympics. After 50 years, try now they are reinventing innovative infrastructures and experimenting with different technologies of new generation so that the next Games of the country are a unique experience.

We present some of the technological novelties in which the Japanese authorities are already working:

Olympic Games in Super 8K quality: These will be the first Olympics in Super High Vision 8K quality, a technology that will allow a hybrid content retransmission.

The coverage of the Games will be retransmitted live with the new Super 8K technology, which will provide a very high image quality (16 times higher than the HD of the current televisions) and a detail of it that will make us feel as if we were in the stadium itself.

The Super High Vision 8K technology will also provide flexibility to NHK (a channel that in 1964 created a camera to retransmit for the first time in color the Tokyo Olympics) so that it can offer its hybrid broadcast system. With this system, the image and relevant statistics or Twitter updates will coexist in the screen in unparalleled quality.

This innovative system is also going to offer the chain to explore the possibility of spectators simultaneously playing the athletes in some disciplines using the control of television.

According to Yukihiro Nishida, senior research engineer at NHK, "the idea is for viewers to perceive what is happening as if they were watching it in person".

Sounds with zoom: Another innovation is the research they are carrying out in NTTT Labs, where they experience the possibility of zooming in or in a sound of a specific area. Something especially useful for, for example, listening to what the players say in the field.

This is a disc with 96 microphones linked that would allow the director of the television broadcast to choose the best sound for each image. A technology also very useful in postproduction where you could find specific sounds from any point.

Olympics with live subtitles: NHK researchers are trying to automate live subtitles, which is very practical for events in which there is no predetermined script, as in the case of the Olympics. In addition, they intend to use avatars to offer a live interpretation of sign language.

Internet connection 5G in the Stadium: A 5G speed of very high data transmission that would allow uploading videos or surfing the Internet without bottling is what the authorities want to offer to the spectators who come to the Olympic Stadium and the rest of the venues of the Games. It is a new connection much higher than the current 3G or 4G but still in the experimental phase.

But not only this, because the Japanese capital also wants to impress all those who visit the city during the great sports celebration with a reinvention of the infrastructures of the Games.

In addition, major sponsors such as Panasonic or Sonic plan the use of robots as assistants and the use of wearable technologies (electronic devices that are incorporated in some part of the body and interact continuously with the user) as smart glasses that perform simultaneous translations.


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