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Games News - You will find a special Bulbasaur in new Pokémon GO event

Niantic revealed details of the upcoming Community Day

Last weekend there was another edition of Community Day in Pokémon GO . Thanks to it, the fans of the title could obtain a Dragonite with the special movement Draco Meteor.

To excite the community, Niantic today shared the first details of the upcoming monthly celebration. The special creature of March will be Bulbasaur, Pokémon of the first generation.

As on previous occasions, there will be additional bonuses, such as Baits lasting 3 hours. In addition, you can earn triple Star Dust for each creature you capture during the event.

Unfortunately, there are still no details about the special move that Bulbasaur will take. Niantic did not reveal how the full potential of this creature will be unlocked. However, we know that the event will start on March 25. On the other hand, the company revealed that the Mystic team was the one that caught the largest number of creatures during this month's event.

The new Community Day will also be available for 3 hours. It will begin at 1 PM, Mexico City time, on that day. The first monthly event allowed the coaches to capture a surfer Pikachu.

As the new celebration arrives, remember that you have one more chance to capture some legendary creatures. Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza will be available until March 5. On the other hand, a special Pikachu will come to the title to celebrate the Pokémon Day.

Pokémon GO  is available for iOS and Android devices. 

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