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Games News - Will Brigitte be the new heroine of Overwatch ?

Image gives clues about the weapon that the next hero could use

Blizzard Entertainment continues to release cryptic messages related to Overwatch , which many see as the first steps before the revelation of the 27th hero.

This day, in the social channels of Overwatch , Blizzard showed an image with the plans of a new device, accompanied by the phrase "I'll make you come in reason!". This device is called Slaga 3.0 and it seems too small to be a weapon - it measures just over 30 centimeters - so it may be a tool to repair, enhance or protect teammates.

Also, the device has characteristics very similar to the articles used by Reinhardt and Torbjörn. To make matters worse, the picture shows words in Swedish, which many have considered a reference to Brigitte Lindholm, the daughter of Torbjörn and who could be the new heroine of Overwatch .

Other reasons to think that Brigitte will arrive at Overwatch is because this weekend Blizzard launched the Historical Archive , a section that will work to expand the history of the game. In the first entry, Torbjörn writes a letter to his pregnant wife, where he talks about the operation Domo Blanco , where he lost his arm but left alive thanks to Reinhardt, a hero who had the privilege of naming his daughter, Brigitte.

As if that were not enough, at the end of December Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch , said in an interview that the new hero had already been shown. Brigitte appeared in the short film Honor and Glory , where she talks with Reinhardt about Winston's call to form Overwatch again.

Finally, in the image we can also see a toy mouse and the leg of a cat. Fans also suggest that this is a signal related to Jetpack Cat , a cat that Blizzard planned to use during an early phase of development and which was later discarded. The chances of seeing this character seem slim, but anything could happen.

The new hero of Overwatch is already in internal tests and it is a fact that will debut shortly. Orisa was revealed on March 2 of last year, so there are serious possibilities to meet the 27th hero this week, will it be?

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