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Latest News - Vogt-Roberts: Death Stranding is different

Death Stranding News
The director of the Metal Gear movie recently visited Hideo Kojima

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the current director of the Metal Gear movie . So it is not a surprise to know that he is a great admirer of Hideo Kojima. The Japanese developer is currently working on Death Stranding , title of which we still have many doubts.

Vogt-Roberts and Kojima met recently, apparently to talk about the adaptation of the stealth series to the cinema. However, Vogt-Roberts had the opportunity to learn a little more about Death Stranding .

From his Twitter account, the film director said he was excited about Kojima's new project. He also stated that the game is different from everything we have seen before.

"Today I saw Kojima-San direct a scene. I have seen hours of their cutscenes and witnessing one in real life was more than special. Death Stranding is different from everything they have seen. It's exciting, "wrote Vogt-Roberts. On the other hand, Kojima published a photo next to the director.
Norman Reedus, actor who participates in the title, made a similar comment recently. During his participation in a podcast, Reedus said that the concept of Death Stranding is surprising and ahead of our time .

The last thing we knew about the project is that Troy Baker and Emily O'Brien are already part of it . As for the production, the Death Stranding gameplay   is in the internal testing phase . For his part, Vogt-Robert explained what he did to direct the Metal Gear movie .

Death Stranding will hit PlayStation 4, but it does not have a confirmed release date yet.

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