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Games News - TriForce Tokens succeeded in pre-ordering its cryptocurrency for gamers

More than half of the FORCE Tokens have already been sold

TriForce Tokens , a company behind a cryptocurrency that seeks to solve several problems in the videogame industry, announced that its project is on the right track. This is so since they already sold more than half of the available supply of 1.5 billion FORCE Tokens.

According to the company, the project raised more than 700 ETH during its first 3 days of presale. This was possible thanks to the public, the support of professional investors and a contribution of 380 ETH from a venture capital firm. Of course, the FORCE Tokens presale has not yet finished and those interested still have the opportunity to get theirs with a 25% discount.

"The team has secured an incredibly promising future by approaching its pre-sale goal. Along with its wealth of impressive partnerships, the TriForce Tokens project began its journey of becoming the most adopted cryptocurrency in the world of entertainment and video games, "said a company spokesman.

As we told you before , the FORCE Tokens are a new cryptocurrency that seeks to solve several problems in the industry by offering new monetization models and presenting tools for developers to engage in their community. It will also allow users to be rewarded for good behavior and have new ways to buy and sell content to use within their favorite games.

This project has caught the attention of some members of the industry, who already work as advisors to the TriForce Tokens team. Among them is Danny Montaner , champion Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Vadim Bulatov, marketing manager at, a company known for titles such as World of Tanks .

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