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Games News - This is how Broly and Bardock look in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The fighters will reach the title of fights like DLC

Over the weekend we inform that Broly and Bardock will join Dragon Ball FighterZ as the first DLC characters. Now, Bandai Namco released some images of these fighters.

Although we still do not have a trailer to know the movements of these peelers, Bandai Namco showed the first screenshots, where we can see that the design of Broly and Bardock are identical to what was seen in the anime.

The images show the Meteor Attack of each character. Broly will throw a ball of energy that will consume up to 3 bars of Ki, while Bardock will transform into the legendary Super Saiyan to make a powerful attack. Check more quickly.

Broly and Bardock are part of the $ 35 USD FighterZ Pass , a package that includes 6 other characters that remain undisclosed. At the moment, we do not know when these fighters will be available or the price they will have individually.

Previously, a rumor suggested that Dragon Ball FighterZ will feature Broly, Bardock, Janemba, Kefla, Toppo, Jiren, the children's version of Goku and Fuu of Dragon Ball Xenoverse . At least 2 characters have already been confirmed, so it's a matter of time to know the rest.

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