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Games News - Team Kingdom Hearts III is the largest of Square Enix

The development of the game continues advancing and there are surprises on the way

The official information regarding Kingdom Hearts III refers that the game will arrive this year, however Square Enix has not made any official announcement about the official release date . Despite this, the company has been concerned to offer interesting advances and to give certainty to the fans. On this occasion, there are important news that give an account of the state that keeps the development of the third installment of the series.

After the celebration of D23 Expo Japan a few weeks ago, the information compiled by KH13 (via Wccftech ) in relation to Kingdom Hearts III was published and thanks to that we can know some details about the development of the game. Initially and to the delight of the fans, Tetsuya Nomura, director of the game, said that if people had been surprised with what was seen so far, the excitement would increase because the final version will look even better. At the same time, the creative talked about the development process of Kingdom Hearts III and there he revealed that, currently, the team in charge of the game is the largest of Square Enix and have even had to resort to subcontracting in some areas to maintain the work plan in a timely manner.

Regarding the development process of Kingdom Hearts III , Nomura stated: "everything that happens around the worlds and other things that we are working on is divided into 3 main areas of scenarios: initial, middle and final. which includes the worlds of Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. , has an advance of 90% .The middle area, where is the world of Tangled ( Tangled ) has an advance between 60 or 70%.

Finally, Nomura took it upon himself to give a dose of hype to the fans that await Kingdom Hearts III and his revelations revolved around the size of the game and the revelation of another world: "This Kingdom Hearts is a bit different. full game, from the previous installments, and the things we're doing in each one are different, my favorite world has not been announced, so wait for it. "

Kingdom Hearts III will arrive this year.


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