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Games News - Square Enix expects to sell 10 million units of Final Fantasy XV

Hajime Tabata said that the initial goal of the RPG in PC is to sell 2 million copies

Only a couple of weeks until the arrival of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition . For this reason, Hajime Tabata, director of this delivery, spoke briefly about their expectations with this release.

During an interview with 4Gamer , via Siliconera , the creative said that the total sales of the RPG now exceed the mark of 7 million units. This figure includes both digital and physical copies.

As for the arrival of the RPG to PC, Tabata expects to sell at least another 2 million units of Final Fantasy XV ; however, it is not what concerns him the most as he and his team strive to provide a good gaming experience. He also said that they will maintain quality for as long as possible.

On the other hand, the creator revealed that the main goal of sales of Final Fantasy XV is 10 million units thanks to Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition , which seeks to increase the popularity of the delivery because it is intended for a wider audience.

The arrival of the Royal Edition of the game to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will certainly also contribute to that goal. This version of the RPG will include all the content of the Season Pass, more achievements and trophies, an extended map and a first-person mode, among other novelties .

Square Enix promised that Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will be well optimized upon arrival at PC . This version will have a demo that will be available from February 26. If you preorder the game on Steam you will receive a special Half-Life outfit .

On the other hand, if you acquire the RPG in Windows 10 you can take advantage of cross-play with Xbox One users . Visit this link to learn more about Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition , as details of the minimum requirements to play it and its DLC that will last until 2019 .

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