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Games News - So Shadowgeist will fight in Fighting EX Layer

Blair Dame and Cracker Jack star in a new trailer

Arika shared yesterday more details of Fighting EX Layer , his new title of fights. Thanks to this we know that the game will debut at halves of the year and that Shadowgeist will also be part of its roster.

The company revealed today 2 new trailers of the game, where we see several of its characters in action. The first gameplay is played by Shadowgeist.

This character will seek revenge while going in search of his missing daughter. Apparently, Shadowgeist obtained clues to the whereabouts of his family, so he will not hesitate to fight to recover and end the culprit of their misfortunes.

On the other hand, the second video shows a confrontation between Blair Dame and Cracker Jack . Also, we can see some of the best combinations of these fighters, which were previously confirmed. Without more, I leave the trailers below:

Arika confirmed that Fighting EX Layer will debut first in digital format. There will be 2 editions of the game, one for $ 59.99 USD and another for $ 39.99 USD. The company said that in the future there could be a physical launch.

In addition, Arika assured that the game will have DLC. At the moment only new colors of fighters have been confirmed as additional content. The developers claimed that the title could reach PC in the future.

Fighting EX Layer will debut at the moment only on PlayStation 4. The game is expected to be available before the end of June

What do you think of the new developments? Are you excited about the arrival of this title? Share your comment below.


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