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Games News - Sites and forums will join tomorrow in protest against the FCC

The organization Fight for the Future wants to maintain the neutrality of the Internet

As we informed you a few days ago, the reform of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States that modifies the principles of Internet neutrality, approved by the Congress of that country last December, was published in the Official Gazette and that means that It will come into force on April 23. However, the publication also enabled the possibility of presenting legal disputes and those who seek to fight against this reform have already started working.

The non-profit organization Fight for the Future , which fights for Internet freedom, announced its massive protest campaign " Operation: #OneMoreVote"that will take place tomorrow, February 27, will seek to raise awareness in the US society about the FCC reform and will help to support the legal controversies that will try to backtrack." As for videogames, the campaign will have the support of reddit and some YouTube and Twitch streamers, who aim to convince citizens to go with their representatives and request their vote in favor of the appeal, in which sense the organization Fight for the Future reported that a I vote more in the Senate to take the case to the House of Representatives of the United States and thus begin with a legal dispute in defense of Internet neutrality.

The sites that support the campaign "Operation: #OneMoreVote" tomorrow will display related announcements on its pages and some companies will send messages to their users and post information on social networks. According to the Fight for the Future organization, the primary objective is to have a significant impact, as happened with the movements that fought against the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and that promoted the Internet Slowdown initiative in 2014 in defense of the Internet neutrality, which is at stake today.


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