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Games News - Preorder Final Fantasy XV for PC and get a Half-Life outfit

The JRPG demo will debut next week

Surely you've been crying out for years for the return of Gordon Freeman, the silent hero of the Half-Life franchise, and you're disappointed that Valve keeps ignoring him. The good news is that soon you can feel as if you controlled it in another video game, since the version of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition for Steam will have a Half-Life outfit as a pre-sale incentive.

Through a statement, Square Enix revealed some of the pre-sale bonuses and exclusive features that Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will have . Thanks to that we know that all those who buy it on Steam before May 1 will receive the Half-Life Pack , a package that includes an outfit -with lenses, HEV suit and lever- for Noctis based on Gordon Freeman. On the other hand, all those who set it aside in this store will also receive the FFXV Fashion Collection , a package with several items for Noctis.

Players who preorder Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition on Origin will receive the FFXV Decal Selection, a collection of decals for the Regalia. On the other hand, the pre-sale incentive in the Microsoft Store will be the FFXV Powerup Pack, which includes the Dodanuki, a sword that reduces the defense of the enemy after each hit. In addition, it includes 10 Phoenix Downs and 10 elixirs.

An important detail is that copies of Final Fantasy XV for Windows 10 that are purchased in the Microsoft store will be compatible with the save data of the edition for Xbox One. Also, the game will receive an update that will enable cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One .

Along with this announcement, the distributor mentioned that fans of the JRPG will be able to enjoy Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition before its release, to which it will have a demo. According to the official announcement, the Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition demo will be available from February 26. All those who download it can enjoy all of Chapter 1, its tutorial and some of the initial missions.

What did you think about this news? Are you excited for the Final Fantasy XV demo ? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, Square Enix recently spoke about Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition and mentioned that it will be well optimized and that it will be a generation ahead of the console version . Also, I reveal the requirements that your PC must fulfill so you can run it at 4K .

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will arrive on March 6 at the aforementioned digital stores.

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