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Games News - PAYDAY 2 is now available in Switch

Starbreeze presented the launch trailer

Almost 5 years after its release, PAYDAY 2 came to Switch in a version that includes the original content and integrates some extras that seek to offer a good experience to users of the Nintendo console.

Today Starbreeze Studios unveiled the launch trailer of PAYDAY 2 for Nintendo Switch, title developed by Overkill that reaches the Nintendo console offering more than 50 missions of theft and access to more than 150 weapons. As we informed you previously, this version will include a new character, Joy , a hacker dedicated to violate all electronic devices and computing at night, while on the day will join the criminal scene. Although PAYDAY 2 for Switch is not up to par with the other versions in terms of content , Overkill tried to amend that situation by offering a new multiplayer mode, CRIME.NET Local Play, where players can join to complete missions as long as they share a local network.

Thus, PAYDAY 2 arrives to add a new title to the third party catalog of the new Nintendo console offering a good action title with a stable visual display that will run at 1080p in TV mode and 720p in portable mode , ensuring 30 frames per second in any case.


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