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Games News - PAYDAY 2 in Switch could receive voice chat

Nintendo has to approve the function in the app for mobile devices

Next week the players of Nintendo Switch will be able to play PAYDAY 2 , although not all are happy with this version, since it will have less content than its counterpart in consoles and PC . To make matters worse, the game will also not include voice chat, although Starbreeze Studios came out to give a statement about it.

Before the release of Splatoon 2 , Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch Online application , a platform where players can perform voice chats from their mobile devices. The feature was controversial, since at the beginning the app had to be in the foreground for it to work, so it only conquered 17% of players , while the rest decided to use popular platforms like Discord. To date, the FAQ section states that, after 7 months of release, the program only works with Splatoon 2 , and it seems that the problem is Nintendo.

"We are looking forward to participating in a solution of the Nintendo VOIP application," Starbreeze told Kotaku . "As soon as we are approved, this will definitely be on our list for future updates."

What can players do when PAYDAY 2 is available? Starbreeze gave a solution. "As you know, PAYDAY 2 is a cooperative game in the first place and we want to give our players the means to communicate," the study continued. "For now, we have our official server and verified in Discord as an option."

Later, Nintendo spoke on this issue, but did not give good hope to players who plan to spend their afternoons on PAYDAY 2 . "Voice chat is only enabled in games that have been specifically designed to use this feature in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch smart device application." Hopefully this problem can really be solved with an update.

PAYDAY 2 will arrive at Nintendo Switch on February 27.

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