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Games News - Patch fix several bugs of Secret of Mana

The update will first arrive on PlayStation 4

The remake of Secret of Mana debuted a couple of weeks ago and although it has amused many fans of the original, the reality is that it presents several bugs and problems that affect the experience. Fortunately, Square Enix has listened to the comments of those who complain about it and will launch an update to fix some of the errors.

According to Square Enix, version 1.02 of Secret of Mana will be available on PlayStation 4 at the beginning of March and will later reach PS Vita and PC. Among the bugs that will solve will be the one that causes the characters to change color and the one that causes members of your team to accidentally revive. It will also reduce the frequency of errors in the application and eliminate the bug that made half of the screen black.

That's not all, since the update will adjust the behavior of the bow and arrows in battles against some monsters, plus it will add a guide that will indicate which character corresponds to the open menu. Finally, it will eliminate an exploit that allowed you to freeze certain enemies by using a combination of attacks and magic.

As we mentioned in our review , the remake of Secret of Mana currently presents a few bugs and errors that, while not breaking the game, give the impression that it is a project that was not polished enough. So, it's good to see that Square Enix has been aware of the criticisms and has taken them into account to improve the experience.

Secret of Mana debuted on February 15 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC. 


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