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Games News - Part Time UFO is now available in the West

The first mobile title of HAL Laboratory came to iOS and Android

HAL Laboratory started a new division of mobile games with HAL Egg . This study has already launched Hataraku UFO , its first title for iOS and Android devices, however, it debuted only in Japan.

If the concept of the game pleased you, we have good news: the title is already available in the West with the name Part Time UFO . The game came to the App Store and Google Play , where you can get it in exchange for $ 79.99 MXN.

Take into account that to download and enjoy Part Time UFO you will require iOS 9.0, Android 4.4 or any later version. Also, you will need 81.1 MB of free space on your device.

Being a payment title, Part Time UFO does not have advertising or microtransactions system. The game will put you in the role of a charismatic unidentified flying object, who will work in various part-time jobs.

The aim is to pile a lot of objects with great precision while helping people who reward you with a salary. With the gains you get you can buy items with which you change the appearance of the protagonist.

HAL Laboratory confirmed already working on new titles and applications for smartphones, but still no details of the upcoming game will launch on these platforms. Either way.

Do you like how the title looks? Are you planning to give it a try? Tell us in the comments.


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