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Games News - Now you can play the Final Fantasy XV demo : Windows Edition

The trial version weighs 21 GB and includes 4K textures

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will debut next week. If you want to know part of what the RPG will offer you on PC, take into account that you can download your demo from different platforms.

The trial version will allow you to enjoy Chapter 1, so you can take a look at the initial missions of the game, as well as its tutorial. Square Enix confirmed that it disabled secondary missions for the demo.

From his Twitter account, the company commented that the trial version includes 4K textures. So you can take advantage of all the capabilities of your team. As for the space required, you will only need 21 GB free to install the demo.

The company commented that high-resolution textures will be activated automatically depending on your PC. He also clarified that the 4K textures for the full version of the game should be downloaded separately.

The title has an interface and subtitles in Spanish. It also has support to play it with controls. If you want to download the demo, take into account that it is available on Steam , Origin and the Microsoft store .

If you doubt the capabilities of your PC, we recommend that you take a look at the minimum requirements to play Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition . There you will also find the necessary configuration to enjoy the RPG in 4K.

Take into account that the title will be well optimized upon arrival at PC . On the other hand, Square Enix plans new content that will last until 2019 . Depending on the platform where you preorder the game, you will receive different rewards, check here the details.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will debut next March 6.

Will you give the demo a try? Tell us in the comments and stay informed with all the content.

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