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Games News - New director of Sledgehammer appeared before the community

Aaron Halon published a letter on the official website of the study

As we informed you a few days ago, Sledgehammer Games confirmed the departure of its 2 directors, Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey , who are now part of the executive structure of Activision, and the command was in the hands of Aaron Halon, one of the founders of the study . To start his duties in the best way, Halon decided to publish a letter on the official website of the studio, which is addressed to Call of Duty fans .

After taking his position as director of Sledgehammer Studios, Aaron Halon was presented by a letter on the official website of the studio responsible for some Call of Duty games , including the successful Call of Duty: WWII , to talk about his new role and make a brief mention of his career within the development team. The meaning of the publication refers to the idea of ​​taking the post of the great work left by Schofield and Condrey, who led a project that ended up being a sales success and knew how to recover from the criticism received after the launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare . The letter says the following:

"Thanks to everyone at Sledgehammer Games, it's an amazing time for the studio, Glen and Michael have started a new chapter in their careers and I'm honored to have the opportunity to lead a great team of developers. different roles here in the studio and that has allowed me to be close to some of the great talents that are in the business.

As a developer of Call of Duty , we have always been grateful to be able to make games for the best fans in the world. There is simply nothing like the Call of Duty community and I am committed to them to continue supporting Call of Duty: WWII . You are our inspiration and motivation.

I want to thank Glen and Michael for their support and their teachings. Even though the history of Sledgehammer Games has been great, I think we can go higher and the best is yet to come. Thank you".

In this way, Sledgehammer Games has started with the new stage of Aaron Halon and, for the moment, the studio will focus on maintaining the support of Call of Duty: WWII during its life cycle. In that sense, we must remember that it will be some time before Sledgehammer has a new Call of Duty title in its hands , since it has been confirmed that the new delivery is the responsibility of Treyarch and, surely, there will be a new job of Infinity Ward.


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