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Games News - Microsoft ensures that consoles and PCs are important for your business

Nadella wants people to play where they prefer

With the arrival of Xbox LIVE to PC and the support that Microsoft has given to gaming in Windows 10, it is clear that he sees PC gaming as a worthwhile investment. In fact, the company recently mentioned that both consoles and PC gaming are "super important" part of their business.

According to DualShockers , in a talk at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom conference that is being held in San Francisco, California, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, spoke about the approach they are taking in this industry. There he pointed out that the PC is increasingly popular as a gaming device, so it will be as important to them as the console market. In addition, he mentioned that a "huge opportunity for the company" is to build Xbox LIVE as a network of subscription services.

Later, the manager said that Xbox LIVE and Xbox Game Pass are just the beginning of the transition in which both markets -PC and consoles- will be very important. Of course, he believes that in the end the crucial thing is that his players have the freedom to play where they prefer.

"That's where we're going, either with subscription services like Game Pass, either with Mixer, which is growing very fast in terms of streaming, or eSports franchises around our first-party titles. I think we have many advantages there. But fundamentally it's about the legacy of having been in the video game industry for multiple decades and building on this capability in a world where we have the ability to take it and make it serve a wider market than before, "he said.

And you, what do you think of Nadella's words? Do you think it's a good idea for Microsoft to try to cover both markets?

Nadella's words come a few days after Phil Spencer , head of the Xbox division, spoke about some of the most difficult moments of the brand . According to the manager, the morale of his team declined after the launch of Xbox One, so it was necessary for the brand to reinvent itself.

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