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Games News - Metro: Exodus will take full advantage of the 4A Engine

Developer spoke about the evolution of the graphic engine for the new delivery

Metro: Exodus will debut this year, so 4A Games continues to work to deliver a good title to fans of the series. Jon Bloch, executive director of the study, said they are doing everything possible to make this delivery a standard of quality and performance in the industry.

During his meeting with Game Informer , the creative talked about the use of the 4A Engine, development tool that has been used in other installments of the franchise. As an example he put Metro: Last Light , a title that is considered a reference in terms of benchmarking.

Bloch said they have adapted their engine for the development of Metro: Exodus . This implies improvements in his lighting system, as well as a review in the section of facial capture and rendering based on physics.

The tool allows creating complex environments, with a wealth of details. Hence, Metro: Exodus can have day-night cycles, dynamic climate and a great diversity of biomes. "Fortunately, we can keep Metro games as a standard for benchmarking, we love to exploit video cards," Bloch said.

The potential of the 4A Engine will undoubtedly be reflected in a spectacular way on PC, where you can play the title in 4K and with HDR support. However, console users can also enjoy Metro: Exodus with a great quality of detail. This is because 4A Games will take advantage of the power of PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

We recently learned that Metro: Exodus does not seek to be an open world title , even though it was initially planned as such . On the other hand, the map of this delivery promises to be larger than those of Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light combined.

Metro: Exodus  will arrive this year to PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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