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Rockstar launched a new car and prepared several discounts

It's Tuesday and as every good fan of Grand Theft Auto knows, this means that news came to Grand Theft Auto Online today . Among them are a new car, several promotions and discounts.

To begin with, we have the arrival of the Pfister Comet SR, a new car that is already on sale at Legendary Motorsport. This sports car is inspired by the Porsche 997 Gt2 RS by featuring several elements built with carbon fiber. Keep in mind that to have it in your garage it will be necessary to pay 1,145,000 GTA $.

Later, Rockstar announced that the arms sales and special vehicle missions will offer twice the money and experience. This promotion will also apply to the transformation careers created by Rockstar and in the Air Quota mode.

In addition, this week will be reflected in your account the bonus money for the start of the session. As we told you before, it was a promotion with which Rockstar awarded GTA $ 250,000 to all who entered the game between February 16 and 26 .

Finally, Rockstar announced that it offers up to 30% discount on different content within the game. So, it is a good opportunity to get a car, an aircraft or improve some of your facilities

  • Mammoth Avenger - 25% discount.
  • P-996 LAZER - 25% discount.
  • Volatol - 25% discount.
  • Western Seabreeze - 25% discount.
  • Facilities styles - 25% discount.
  • Facilities designs - 25% discount.
  • Security room - 25% discount.
  • Cabins Mobile Operations Center - 30% discount.
  • HVY truck Insurgent (off-road) - 30% discount.
  • HVY Nightshark (off-road) - 30% discount.
  • Declasse Yosemite (muscle) - 25% discount.
  • Vapid Riata (off-road) - 25% discount.

Now that you know all the news of the week, tell us, will you take advantage of any promotion? Will you add the new car to your collection?

In case you do not know, GTA Online is the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V, a title that is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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