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Games News - Meet Kai'Sa, the new League of Legends champion

The Daughter of the Void has plasma attacks

Through a publication on its website , Riot Games revealed the identity of the new League of Legends champion. Her name is Kai'Sa and she is a super predator who has the power of a symbiotic skin that she adopted from a creature of the Void.

In the publication, Riot Games gave basic details about the skills that Kai'Sa will have in League of Legends . What is most striking is its passive power - Second Skin - thanks to which its basic attacks mark the enemies with plasma to inflict additional magical damage and later explore to hurt them more. In addition, his symbiotic suit adapts to his attack style, so his skills evolve depending on the statistics obtained thanks to his level of experience and the purchase of objects in the store.

On the other hand, Kai'Sa has 4 powers that give a variety of offensive and movement options. Know them below:

Icathia rain (Q): Rain of missiles distributed evenly among nearby enemies. Additional impacts to the same objective will cause less damage. Thanks to Living Weapon, more missiles will be fired by having enough attack damage.
Vacuum Seeker (W): Shoots a beam of energy that reveals the first enemy hit and inflicts magic damage, as well as Plasma accumulations.
Supercharge (E): Increases movement speed briefly, but prevents you from attacking. When this loading period ends, the attack speed is increased by a few seconds. When you have enough attack speed, Living Weapon allows Supercharge to grant a few seconds of invisibility.
Killer Instinct (R): Allows Kai'Sa to move at extreme speed towards an enemy marked with Plasma.

According to Riot, all those who play as Kai'Sa must be prepared to mark the enemies with Void Seeker (W) and then attack them with Icathia's Rain (Q). When enemies survive these attacks players can stay close to them by using Supercharge (E) or activating Assassin Instinct (R).

"Be alert for isolated enemies who are without reinforcements, but also take into account your allies who are already in combat: if they can immobilize and mark an enemy with Plasma, Instinct Killer is the perfect opportunity for a quick kill. (...) Although Icathia's Rain can annihilate an enemy that is sufficiently isolated to receive all the damage of the missile blast, Kai'Sa is a more powerful killer when she takes advantage of her basic attacks ", advised Riot to those who want to use to Kai'Sa.

What did you think of Kai'Sa? Do you think she is an interesting champion? Tell us in the comments.

League of Legends is available for PC and Mac

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