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Games News - Meet the different versions of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition

The game and the update will arrive on March 6

Square Enix will launch Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition in March , a version that brings together all content previously released for the game. The company will also offer an update for those who already hold the title. What are the differences between each package? Right away we tell you 

According to the title website , Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will include the base game, the Season Pass and a series of new content that will debut with the title launch, all for $ 49.99 USD. 

The base game of Final Fantasy XV . A new extra map: Ruins of the City of Insomnia. New game options, such as first person camera mode, new team pieces and new bosses. Arcane Spectral Chorus: by achieving the 13 ancestral weapons, a more action-oriented modality of the Spectral Chorus is unlocked. Royal Ship: now you can control the FFXV vessel and freely explore the waters that separate Caem from Altissia. All the contents of the season pass: Episode Gladiolus , Episode Prompto , Episode Ignis and multiplayer expansion Comrades . More than a dozen downloadable content, including weapons, bodies for the Regalia and objects. If you already have Final Fantasy XV , then you can buy the Final Fantasy XV Royal Pack on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. Here you will find the aforementioned contents, except the Season Pass and the DLC with 12 articles. This means that to acquire history expansions and other items you must buy the Season Pass of $ 24.99 USD individually. 

During the revelation of the title, Square Enix announced that the Royal Pack would cost $ 19.99 and that it would include the Season Pass , however, this was a mistake. In a recent interview, director Hajime Tabata said that the update will be priced at ¥ 1000 JPY in Japan , that is, around $ 9.99 USD, a reasonable price taking into account the contents of the DLC. It will be best to wait until an official announcement. 

Finally, new screenshots were revealed, where we can see the new bosses that will appear in Final Fantasy XV thanks to this update. Check more below. 


In related information, Tabata confirmed that Final Fantasy XV will continue to receive support until 2019 . The game will feature 4 additional episodes to extend the title's history and there will also be free updates. The only DLC confirmed so far is Episode Ardyn . 
On the other hand, the director confirmed that Final Fantasy XV already sold more than 7 million copies . With the release of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition , Square Enix plans to sell another 2 million units and boost total sales to 10 million, attracting new audiences with Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition and Final Fantasy Royal Edition . 
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition will debut on consoles next March 6 . Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will also arrive on that date, with additional content for Steam as a special Half-Life costume and a demo that will be available from February 26.

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