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Games News - Learn more about the history of Overwatch in the Historical Archive

Read the letter that Torbjörn wrote to his wife Ingrid

This day, Blizzard announced that from this moment players will be able to access the official Overwatch page to find the Historical Archive, a place that will serve to expand the history of the shooter and where they will find official files.

"This database will give them access to classified information, such as images, videos and decrypted documents," the study explained. "Discover the history of Overwatch , its enemies, its favorite heroes and both sides of the conflict."

The first entry of the Historical Archive gives more details about the operation White Dome , which was revealed this week with a letter from Ana. In this mission, the team was ambushed by Oromic and Torbjörn was seriously injured, but Reinhardt entered the battle to rescue him After the meeting, Torbjörn wrote a letter to his wife, Ingrid, assuring him that he was fine and that he would soon be back home.

In the letter, Torbjörn explains that during the battle he lost his arm, but his "main priority will be to build such a good prosthesis that everyone will forget that I do not have it anymore". He also points out that Angela Ziegler, better known as Mercy, went to visit him and the engineer asked him to put more effort into his work to improve it.

Also, Torbjörn mentions Ingrid's pregnancy, telling her that she hopes to be there during the birth of her daughter. "I have been told that you have not yet entered into labor, so I hope that I will be by your side at home in Gothenburg when the time comes, just wait a little longer!" He wrote.

"You probably heard that Reinhardt was responsible for saving my life, they told me the story at least 4 times and each one is more amazing than the last one," he continued. "You know how he likes to exaggerate, whatever it was, the fact is that they decided to give him a decoration for 'manifest courage.' What other pair of words could best describe the big guy?"

"He has been by my side bothering me insufferably." Among jokes, I suggested that if he kept quiet, I would let him name our daughter, since she has been bothering me about it in recent months, "he said. "Of course, he took it seriously, to tell the truth, he had thought of choosing him as a sponsor, and I hope you will excuse me for taking this decision without consulting you, I just want him not to come out too much like him."

"I told him that you would have to agree with the name he chose, so let's hope it's something nice, although I'm afraid he's incapable of it, given the ridiculous names of the characters in his 'true stories'. Being in the hospital, I hope to be back soon, Cariños, Torbjörn, "he concluded.

Overwatch fans will know that Brigitte Lindholm is the daughter of Torbjörn. This character appeared in some comics and you can also see him in an Overwatch spray , however, the most emblematic participation was in Honor and Glory , a short that shows the past of Reinhardt.

And what about the 27th hero? There are many options to generate endless theories. Fans expect a new support character, and Brigitte might be the one, as she has mechanical skills and for a while helped keep Reinhardt's armor in good condition. Of course, there is also Emre Sarioglu , who also appeared in Ana's report and we only know that he is a "first class soldier".

The truth is that it takes very little to meet the next hero of Overwatch . In what arrives the awaited revelation tell us what you thought the letter of Torbjörn and speculate with us about the next character for the shooter.

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