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Games News - It will be easier to obtain generals in Dynasty Warriors 9

The title received a new update on PS4 and PC

Koei Tecmo knows that Dynasty Warriors 9 debuted with some problems. For this reason, it works to improve the gaming experience. Recently, the musou received an update that improved its performance . Now, the company released a new update for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Thanks to this, Dynasty Warriors 9 will have a more balanced game system. Thus, unlocking new generals will be easier. This since Koei Tecmo made the conditions easier to obtain the characters.

Also, it will be more viable to send letters from the hiding places. On the other hand, signs and towers were added so that you have a better location on the map.

The price of the objects was adjusted to be more accessible, while the resistance of doors, weapons and constructions was updated. On the other hand, Koei Tecmo also corrected some frequent mistakes.
The first of them was presented only on PlayStation 4. Now you will not have problems with the animations of the characters, which sometimes collided without cause. In general improvements, inconveniences with the appearance of rivers were eliminated.

To make matters worse, there will be no more problems during Chapter 4 "Reclaim Xiapi", where the floodgates did not open and could not be progressed. Finally, the problem with the climate was eliminated, which did not return to its natural state in certain occasions.

The update for PlayStation 4 corresponds to version 1.04, while the update for PC is 1.02. Koei Tecmo did not comment on when the improvements will come to the Xbox One version.

Dynasty Warriors 9 debuted on the platforms mentioned on February 13. The title was the most sold in Japan during that week . The Season Pass of Musou will give you access to new characters and diverse additional content.

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