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Games News - Heroes of the Storm already has voice chat

The title also received new balance adjustments

Blizzard listened to the entire community of Heroes of the Storm , so he added one of the most requested functions for the MOBA. It's about the arrival of voice chat, which will allow you to communicate easily with other players.

Said aggregate is now available thanks to a new update. If you use this system in Overwatch , you will not have any difficulty using it in Heroes of the Storm . In the MOBA you will have the option to join different voice channels. There will be 2 types of channels, one to talk with your friends and another to communicate with your teammates.

Take into account that you can only access one channel at a time. For this reason, you will have to constantly exchange to be able to communicate with all players who are not within a certain group.

Blizzard wants to avoid misuse of this tool. So he also added an option to penalize players who have a toxic attitude. Users who are constantly reported will be silenced for a certain time, which will prevent them from speaking with their team. However, the sanctioned player may continue to listen to the conversations.

Before using this tool, Blizzard recommended to configure it for a good operation. Thus, you can adjust the volume of the microphone, headphones or peripheral of your choice.

Also, you must choose which channels you want to join and if you want to use an open microphone or press a key for everyone to hear your messages. Finally, there were balance adjustments for Maiev, Maltael, Thrall, Zeratul, Xul, Tyrande and Sonya.

"We hope that the addition of voice chat in Heroes of the Storm will help you and your allies communicate more effectively on the way to your next series of victories, and maybe make a new friend or 2 on the way", wrote the company.

Due to recent problems with the MOBA, Blizzard rewarded its players with a free legendary booty chest . Visit this link to learn more about Heroes of the Storm , as details of one of its new characters .

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