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Games News - H1Z1 receives frantic Battle Royale mode with vehicles

The title left Early Access today and has already started its Season 1

Today is an important day for Daybreak Games, as H1Z1 finally had an official release. This after staying in Early Access for months. So, you can now purchase the full version of the game on PC, via Steam.

To celebrate this release, H1Z1 received some extras, like a new Battle Royale. This modality takes by name Auto Royale and adds vehicles to the intense games of survival.

In Auto Royale there will be 30 teams of 4 players in the same battlefield. As in any Battle Royale game, the objective will be to beat the rest of the participants and be the last team standing. You can explore extensive maps to search for weapons, ammunition, fuel and other useful objects.

To welcome Auto Royale, H1Z1 received 2 new vehicles: Sedan and the Armored Recon Vehicle. Also, now you will find ramps, landmines, corrosive smoke and other weapons to complicate the life of your rivals. Next, you can see what the new mode looks like:

Additionally, Auto Royale will have the new Light Machine Gun weapon. According to Daybreak Games, this modality is still in Beta stage, so it will gradually implement improvements. To make matters worse, H1Z1 received general improvements for its debut.

Players can now choose which area to parachute at the start of each game. The launching system has been perfected and Season 1 has already officially started. There will be a new reward system to keep the entire gaming community happy.

As if that were not enough, players can now activate a minimap for a better location. Finally, the study stated that those who acquired the game in Early Access will receive a special shirt within the title.

H1Z1 is available on PC, through Steam, in exchange for $ 179.99 MXN

What do you think of the new Battle Royale mode? Will you give the game a chance now that it left Early Access? Leave us your comment.

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