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Games News - Frantic races await you at Fist of the North Star

Learn more about the world of the title in its 2 new trailers

Fist of the North Star will debut next week in Japan, so SEGA showed 2 new advances to promote the PlayStation 4 title. Both show more of the world of this delivery, which we can explore on foot or using a vehicle.

As you can see below, we will have at our disposal a car. Thanks to it, it will be easier to know and transport yourself through the desert area near the city of Eden.

To make matters worse, it will be possible to customize it to give it more power, change its color or modify some other aspects of its performance. You will test your vehicle in various circuits, where you can compete in frantic races.

The second video shows us what exploration will be like in the city of Eden. In the locality we will not be completely safe, because sometimes we will have to finish with groups of enemies.

Also, it will be possible to visit a casino where we can enjoy several mini-games. Among them are several retro titles of SEGA, including some deliveries of this saga. Other extra activities will be attending a doctor's office, being a bartender or a bounty hunter. Without further ado, I leave both videos below:

SEGA has not yet confirmed the launch of the game in the West, so we'll have to wait for more details. The title will feature the special participation of Kazuma Kiryu of Yakuza , who will be a playable character.

If you want to see more of your battle system, we recommend you take a look at this gameplay . For the true fans of the franchise, Sony revealed a model of PlayStation 4 limited edition .

Fist of the North Star  will debut in Japan on March 8. 


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