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Games News - Fighting EX Layer will debut mid-year

Arika contemplates a PC version of her fight title

The launch of Fighting EX Layer , Arika's new fighting game, is planned only for PlayStation 4. This installment does not yet have a confirmed release date; however, the company gave more details about it and talked about its possible arrival to more platforms.

According to the developers, their game will debut before the end of June. Arika said the certification by Sony will begin in May. Fighting EX Layer will initially arrive only in digital format. However, there are possibilities to see a physical release if it does well commercially.

The game will feature voice acting only in Japanese, while the texts will also come in English. Arika said that more languages, including Spanish, will possibly come later through an update.

The game will be sold in 2 versions, the standard will be priced at $ 59.99 USD, while the lite edition will be $ 39.99 USD. The difference between the two will be the number of Gougi settings, the game's battle system.

Both versions will have 12 initial characters. However, the standard will also include Hokuto independently of Shirase. This addition could later be available as DLC.

What is a fact is that the additional colors of the fighters will be additional content. The base game will only include 2 different combinations, but you can buy more separately.

On the other hand, Arika confirmed the arrival of Shadowgeist to the roster of the game. Finally, the creatives commented that, at the moment, they are working to finish and polish the PlayStation 4 version. However, they do not close the doors to a version of Fighting EX Layer for PC.

It is important to note that the team assured that this possibility is not confirmed. This since they do not have much experience developing on PC. So you should analyze this possible release more carefully.

So, Fighting EX Layer will only come to PlayStation 4 in the middle of this year. 


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