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Games News - Facebook removed VR shooting game out of respect for shooting victims

Bullet Train was removed from Oculus Rift test stations

As you know, and if not now you are learning, on February 14 the United States experienced a new and lamentable shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida and, as it has happened in the last 3 decades, videogames were pointed as an influence and trigger in this type of events, starting with Donald Trump . Given that the social and political climate is not favorable for the content that involves shooting, Facebook decided to remove an FPS title from its Oculus Rift stations.

After the American society was shocked by the events of the Stoneman Doubleas secondary school and video games classified as violent were pointed out by some authorities , the Conference of Conservative Political Action (CPAC 2018), an event of the US conservative movement, touched on the topic and exhibited a video with Bullet Train content , VR title for Oculus Rift and VR devices developed by Epic Games in 2015. The title, created as a demo to show the power of virtual reality, is a first-person shooter where the action has place in a futuristic train station and you have to shoot against armed guards to face, in the end, a drone.

Following that presentation, Facebook, the owner of Oculus, decided to remove all content related to Bullet Train from its Oculus Rift test stations. In this regard, Hugo Barra, vice president of the company's VR division, said: "Some of the action games that we show to the public include violence, given the recent events in Florida, and out of respect for the victims and their families, we have removed the We regret not having done it for a long time. "

What do you think of Facebook's position? Will videogames be impacted by this type of situation?


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