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Games News - An elegant and sporty car joins GTA Online

Learn about the discounts and promotions that Rockstar prepared for the week

As every Tuesday, Rockstar Games released an update for Grand Theft Auto Online , the multiplayer component for Grand Theft Auto V. On this occasion, the company added a new sleek and sporty car.

This is the Karin 190z, a sports car that is already available in Legendary Motorsport in exchange for 900,000 GTA $. Keep in mind that this vehicle - inspired by real cars like the Datsun240 and the Nissan S30 - has several customization options that you can take advantage of during your next visit to Los Santos Customs.

In addition, Rockstar is offering experience bonuses and double money on Contraband missions and additional 25% profits on all motorcyclist business sales. As an additional note, we remind you that you are still in time to take advantage of the monetary prize that is obtained by initiating a session .

Finally, the company revealed that, for a limited time, several cars, yachts and garments will be offered with up to 30% discount. Check all the promotions below:

All yachts - 30% discount.
Remodeling for yachts - 30% discount.
Cabins Mobile Operations Center - 30% discount.
Remodeling of Mobile Operations Center - 30% discount.
Refurbishment of the bunker - 30% discount.
Aircraft workshop - 25% discount.
Ocelot Pariah - 30% discount.
Ocelot XA-21 - 30% discount.
Coil Raiden - 30% discount.
Clothing of The End of the World Strike - 25% discount.
Import / Export Tattoos - 25% off.
What do you think of these promotions? Will you take advantage of them? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto V recently reached 90 copies distributed worldwide , making it one of the most successful video games in history. On the other hand, recently there were rumors about a possible new edition of this sandbox .

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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