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Games News - Chinese school has a school esports training program

The Lanxiang Technical School prepares young people for the competitive scene

At present, the popularity of esports continues to grow and the competitive videogame scene is being structured in search of consolidation and with a view to having a healthy industry that also represents a good business. As a result of its popularity, those interested in esports have sought to shelter the competitive environment either through sponsorships, tournament organization, scholarships for higher education and, now, with specialized training school programs.

A report from Glixel , with information from the South China Morning Post , refers to the esports school program that was inaugurated last year at the Lanxiang Technical School, located in Jinan, China, which is training professionals who can participate in videogame competitions. and in everything that has to do with the organization of this type of events. The Chinese school program has 50 students who enrolled last year who have dedicated this first year to polish their skills in games like League of Legends , Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. After the end of this first year, students will be divided into 2 areas in which they will specialize for the remaining 2 years; In this sense, players who show adequate talent for videogame competitions will dedicate themselves to becoming professionals, while the other students will prepare to be organizers, promoters and coaches.

According to the report, the cost of the school program of esports of the Lanxiang Technical School has a cost of $ 2050 USD and the long-term goal is to train 1000 professionals of esports in each generation.

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