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Games News - Bringing Hearthstone to consoles is not among Blizzard's plans

The card title is available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac

As Hearthstone is a hit on PC and mobile devices, many believe that it is a matter of time before Blizzard decides to take it to consoles. However, the reality is very different and that idea is not among the plans of the study.

In a recent conversation with DualShockers , Yong Woo, producer of Hearthstone, and Ben Brode, project manager, were questioned about whether the Year of the Raven was what they were waiting to take the free-to-play consoles. His answer was clear: bringing Hearthstone to PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch is not among Blizzard's plans.

For some time there have been rumors that Blizzard is working on bringing Hearthstone to Nintendo Switch, as members of the company have shown interest in this console . Despite this, the company clarified that, for now, do not think about this port . So, the message is clear and those who expect to play Hearthstone for consoles will have to have patience and few expectations.

And you, would you like Hearthstone to reach consoles? Do you think this port will come true at some point? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, Blizzard revealed the first details about the Year of the Raven, the new stage of Hearthstone. Among the novelties are important changes to the card sets and tournament organization functions. 

Hearthstone is available for iOS and Android devices.

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