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Games News - Brigitte is the new heroine of Overwatch !

Learn about the skills and history of Torbjörn's daughter

At last! After several tracks , Blizzard Entertainment revealed the 27th hero of Overwatch . Just as many thought, it is Brigitte Lindholm, the daughter of Torbjörn.

The heroine appeared in the short film Honor and Glory and in the comic book Matadragones . In December of last year, director Jeff Kaplan said that the next hero had already been shown, so many immediately assumed that it was Brigitte.

Just as the fans asked, Brigitte will be a supporting character, but it will have some tank characteristics. Kaplan described her as "a hybrid heroine." According to the director, Brigitte's main skill will be Mangual Propelled, much like Reinhardt's hammer. Despite being a melee weapon, it will be powerful.

With Azote de Mangual, your weapon will have more range and will repel nearby enemies. The heroine also has a shield, but it will be smaller than Reinhardt's, so it only provides individual protection, however, players can stand behind Brigitte to search for some coverage. In addition, with Shield Strike will allow you to make attacks at close range to stun your enemies.

Also, Brigitte can heal or give extra shielding to her teammates with Repair Kit. Kaplan describes this ability as Zenyatta's healing orbs, so he can select any ally to heal him or give him armor. To make matters worse, when using Mangual Propelled or Whip Mangual heroin will create a healing area around to improve the health of your team.

Finally, there is his maximum ability called Motivation. By using it, a breath cry will generate a considerable amount of armor for nearby allies and increase Brigitte's movement speed, so you can lead them into combat. Check more in the next video.

At the moment, Brigitte is available in the Public Testing Region on PC, so players can know their skills at this very moment. There is still no date for the debut of the heroine on all platforms, but it will surely be ready by the middle or end of March.

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