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Games News - Blizzard: Overwatch was designed with esports in mind

Mike Morhaime talked about the shooter and his competitive league in DICE 2018

The success of the Overwatch League has not been a matter of luck for Blizzard. In addition to the great effort that the company has put into the esports event , we now know that Overwatch was designed from the start to fully enter the competitive leagues.

During his participation in DICE 2018 , Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard, spoke briefly on the subject. According to him, several elements of Overwatch were created thinking in the future on their arrival at the esports.

"Now with each of our games we think about this possibility and analyze what will be necessary, from a development perspective, to be ready and have what is required if a title takes off as a sport," said the director.

For his part, Nate Nazer, commissioner of the Overwatch League, defined the shooter as a sport, where there are "12 players on the field who do something important at the same time." The audience is a fundamental part of the competitive league, so that the reproduction system, the repetitions and the presenters are an important part of the circuit.

"It's almost like you're broadcasting a football game with infinite cameras from every angle, that's essentially what we have," Nazer added. Kim Phan, responsible for the division of esports of Blizzard, confirmed that the game was thought from the beginning to penetrate in this industry.

"When we started talking about the esports in Overwatch and what we wanted to get, it was probably the first game in which we had that brainstorm and we discovered what their esports scene would be like while the title was in development," concluded Phan.

Blizzard shared yesterday part of the code of conduct of the league , this to avoid toxic players. Viewers of the Twitch event can now be rewarded with skins and other items . On the other hand, there was another clue about what is possibly the new hero of the shooter .

Overwatch  is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

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