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Games News - Blizzard details the changes of the year of the crow in Hearthstone

Letters to the Hall of Fame, a new aspect of hero and much more

Blizzard Entertainment revealed some details that will change the way you play within your popular card game. As part of the standard cycle, the year of the crow will introduce big changes in Hearthstone , such as the rotation of card sets and functions for tournament organizers. Through a conference, the developers of the game, Yong Woo and Ben Thompson, spoke with a select group of specialized media about the plans that will arrive this year at Hearthstone as part of the annual season rotation.

In the first place, Woo and Thompson revealed that they plan to refresh the variety of cards available to encourage the arrival of new players with the rotation of sets. In this way, the Whispers of the Ancient Gods , One Night in Karazhan and Gadgetzan Mafias cards will no longer be part of the standard mode and will be part of the Wild format.

On the other hand, the developers revealed that they will move cards from the evergreens sets to the Wild mode. The way in which the above will work is through the Hall of Fame category; this year, letters such as Bloque de Hielo and Oracle light cold will be removed from their respective sets and will reach the Hall of Fame. Also, Giant Cast is another card that will reach the Hall of Fame, however, you will receive a nerf; specifically, the developers commented that the letter will return to its original state.

Likewise, Woo and Thompson revealed that during the year they will debut a function that aims to help the local game modalities with a new game function structured in tournaments. That's right, Hearthstone will receive in the future an option to organize a small group of players into keys until only 1 is the winner. The developers commented that this function will not be exclusive of the local game, but you will be able to use it with any person without restrictions.

Finally, the developer announced that the Druid class will have an alternate appearance that will change the character's portrait and dialogue lines. Instead of playing with Malfurion, you will have the opportunity to play with Lunara, who debuted first in Heroes of the Storm . The developers commented that the addition of Lunara is an inclusion effort to allow players to choose the character they want instead of being forced to play with one arbitrarily.

Anyway. Modifications from Raven's year to Hearthstone give the impression of being conservative moves, considering that double the number of Hall of Fame cards was introduced last year. What do you think about the changes that will come to the card game this year? Are you excited about the tournament function? Leave your comment.

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