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Games News - Black Desert Online will arrive this year to consoles and mobiles

The title already has more than 8.5 million registered players on PC

Black Desert Online continues to be a success on PC. By September of last year, the game had already sold more than 530,000 copies on Steam . Also, it had 7 million registered players.

Pearl Abyss is of course satisfied with the results of her MMO. The company today shared new data about the success of the game on PC. Thanks to this we know that Black Desert Online already has more than 8.5 million registered players.

As you will remember, the studio works to bring the title to consoles . Pearl Abyss confirmed that they plan to launch Black Desert Online this year at least on Xbox One. This version was scheduled for early 2018, but apparently it will take a little longer to arrive.

On the other hand, a launch on PlayStation 4 is also planned. However, everything indicates that Black Desert Online will arrive first at the Microsoft system. At a later date still to be confirmed will arrive at the Sony console.

As if that were not enough, the MMO is also on its way to mobile devices . It is estimated that it will be available for iOS and Android systems, but Pearl Abyss has not yet confirmed that point. The study revealed that the title is now available in 150 countries and has translation into 12 languages.

Next March 23 the developers, composers and others involved in the game will give a lecture. In it they will offer more details of what it implies to develop a title like Black Desert Online . They will also give information about their soundtrack and the process to remaster it.

PC players were able to take a look at the game thanks to a free weekend , where they could also purchase the MMO at half price. On the other hand, Pearl Abyss wants the title to be active for 20 or 30 more years . Visit this link to learn more about him.

Do you expect the arrival of the title to consoles and mobiles? Leave us your comment and stay informed.

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