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Games News - An Atari classic returns as a title for iPhone and Android

Night Driver is now available in Canada

To prove that he is not only interested in the world of cryptocurrency , Atari announced that one of his classics for Atari 2600 is back. This is Night Driver , a franchise that will have a kind of reboot for mobile devices, which is developed by Gameaholic, a studio based in the United Kingdom.

The new Night Driver is now available in Canada through the App Store and Google Play. Everyone who downloads it can enjoy a retro-futuristic racing title in which they can select a vehicle to run at full speed on circuits illuminated with neon lights. Night Driver presents a progression system that will allow you to improve your car and make cosmetic changes.

It is important to note that Night Driver is available as a free-to-play, so it is presumed to have different types of microtransactions. That said, we do not know which products Atari offers in exchange for money.

For now, Atari has not revealed when the global premiere of Night Driver will be. What he did share was a small project teaser, as well as a couple of captures that show his graphic style. Check out this material below:

In case you do not know, Night Driver is a first-person racing title that came to arcades in 1976. A couple of years later it was taken to Atari 2600 in a port that stood out for its colors and the quality of its sprites.


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