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Games News - Analyst believes that the PlayStation 5 will arrive in 2020

Piscatella expects the PS4 to have another good year of sales

PlayStation 4 is going through a good time in the market and remains the undisputed king of the current generation of consoles . It is clear that every success has a cap and there will be a time when Sony decides that it is time to launch another console, but when will that be? Just a couple of years, or at least that's what an industry analyst thinks.

Matt Piscatella, NPD Group analyst who covers the video game industry, spoke about the present and future of PlayStation in a conversation with GamingBolt . While he did not delve into details, he made it clear that he predicts that the PlayStation 5 will debut sometime in 2020.

Interestingly, Piscatella is not the only analyst who expects the PlayStation 5 to hit stores in 2020. Recently, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Industries, said that the Sony console will arrive in 2 years and that it will be his true 4K offer . That said, the above are pure predictions and we do not know what Sony's plans are.

More ahead, Piscatella was questioned on if PlayStation 4 can arrive at the number of 100 million units sold before 2019. According to the analyst, everything will depend on the way in which the price of the console changes throughout the years. next 2 years.

"The sale of hardware is mainly motivated by price changes throughout the year, both in base cost and promotional price. I hope the PlayStation 4 has another great year [2019] in sales, but I expect it to decrease in relation to 2018, "the analyst said.

And you, what do you think about the words of Piscatella? Do you think it's relatively short for the PlayStation 5 to arrive? Tell us in the comments

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