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Games News - Aloy will arrive tomorrow at Monster Hunter World

The crossover mission with Horizon: Zero Dawn will end in March

As scheduled, tomorrow will start a new special mission in Monster Hunter World . Thanks to this, PlayStation 4 users can play as Aloy , protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn .

Through the PlayStation blog , Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Monster Hunter World , shared some additional details of this collaboration. The free mission will be available starting tomorrow, February 28. In order to play as Aloy you will have to get some objects.

For this you will have to face Anjanath. According to Tsujimoto, that creature has some similarities with Horizon's Thunderjaw : Zero Dawn . Thus, there was no better adversary for this new challenge. By defeating the monster you will receive the Nora Brave Trophy, which will allow you to create the armor and the Aloy bow.

Whether you play with a male or female character, by equipping those items your hunter will look like the heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn . To participate in the mission you must have a rank 11 or higher. Take into account that you may have to complete it several times to obtain the necessary materials.

You will have until March 15 to get the rewards of this crossover mission. On the other hand, Tsujimoto confirmed that the first part of this collaboration will be back soon. The creative said that they will rotate some missions, so you can get the special suit for your Palico if you missed it.

Ryu of Street Fighter  made his debut recently in the new delivery of the hunting title. In the future there will also be a collaboration with Mega Man . Monster Hunter World has been a success worldwide, proof of this is that it has already reached its original sales goal .

Monster Hunter World  is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Are you ready for the new mission of the game? What do you think about this special Horizon content : Zero Dawn ? Leave us your comment.


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