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Game News - More Xbox 360 games will receive improvements in Xbox One

Albert Penello said that other titles for the console will have updates

The arrival of Xbox One X not only gave players the ability to play in 4K. The additional power of the console also improved the look and performance of some Xbox 360 retrocompatible titles . This feature is certainly attractive, especially for those who like to relive good games of past generations.

The initial alignment of Xbox 360 games that received improvements was small. Among the compatible titles are Halo 3 ,  Fallout 3 ,  Gears of War 3 , The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion  and  Assassin's Creed . However, everything indicates that Microsoft is already working to make more titles look better.

We tell you this because several fans questioned the subject to Albert Penello, head of marketing at Xbox. The executive said that there will be more Xbox 360 titles that will take advantage of the potential of Xbox One X.

Although Penello did not confirm any specific game, he assured that more titles are already on the way. The Twitter community asked for the arrival of updates for games like Halo Reach , The Witcher 2 , Ninja Gaiden II , among others.

The titles that received an update for Xbox One X show improvements in HDR illumination, increase in the number of pixels and color in 10-bits, which is reflected in a considerable visual improvement.

This function also came with the backward compatibility of Xbox Original games. At the moment, it is possible to play 13 titles that originally debuted in the first Microsoft console. This library also looks better on Xbox One X .

In related news, users of Xbox One S and Xbox One X will soon be able to take advantage of 1440p support . In this link you can find more news related to the Xbox One backwards compatibility. On the other hand, here is all the information about Xbox One X.

What title of Xbox 360 would you like to receive improvements in the new console? Tell us in the comments.

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