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Entertainment - Confirmed: Jennifer Aniston divorces

Divorce rumors from Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have been going round for several weeks. Now there is an official statement.

When it comes to US gossips, then Hollywood darling Jennifer Aniston and actor Justin Theroux have been going separate ways for several months. The divorce rumors grew louder and louder, but they have been circulating for a long time anyway.

And now there is the official statement from Aniston. At the end of 2017, they actually "matured and lovingly separated," according to the press release. "Whatever is told about us does not come directly from us and is the fantasy of another."

And further: "We are two best friends who have decided to go their separate ways as a couple, but look forward to the continuation of our cherished friendship."

Solo appearance at Globes
The couple, who married in a small circle in 2015, has not shown up at any event for five months. Jennifer had already come alone to the Golden Globe ceremony in January. At that time, it was quietly rumored about a crisis in the seven-year-old couple. After all, she had always accompanied Justin to such great events.

Birthday without Justin - thanks girlfriends
And she also celebrated her 49th birthday on February 11th only with her friends. There was no trace of Theroux. On Instagram, she thanked her and her fans for their support over the years, not her ex-husband.

But she never forgets to mention that. It has always been immensely important to pay enough attention to Justin, according to her friends. She wanted to compensate for the fact that she is much better known than her husband, who is getting harder and harder to come to terms with her popularity.

He left her and lives in New York
"It's over," said an alleged insider a few days ago a US magazine. "Justin left Jen three months ago, spending most of his time at his home in Greenwich Village." That his love for New York has always been a problem in the relationship, talked about several years ago, several acquaintances of the couple.

Theroux wants to live in the Big Apple in his apartment a cool scene life, she, however, loves her life in Los Angeles in her styled designer villa with her friends.

She is a control freak
In addition, she can not be spontaneous and plan their everyday life in detail, what Justin may not like, so sources. In the long term, this difference should have made quite a problem. Aniston admitted in an interview: "I like to know what I'm getting in. Let's just say it openly: I'm a real control freak."

But: Joint photo gallery in magazine
At a bad time, however, is now a large photo series, the Aniston has granted the magazine Architectural Digest in their newly decorated villa. Justin is also present, as she says in the interview: "I look around my house, see my husband and my dogs and I think: I want to be here and nowhere else."

How long ago this story was created is not clear. There are usually several months lead time for such elaborate stories.

Incidentally, Jennifer Aniston and her first ex-husband Brad Pitt are now single again at the same time, after he left Jen 2004 for Angelina Jolie sitting, but in 2016, has separated from him. Allegedly, Aniston and Pitt have been sporadically in contact with each other ever since.

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